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Richard De Rose

In 1998, Richard De Rose published a book entitled Retail To Hell... Why we need to fear the Information Highway, Super Stores and Super Powers! The book foretold how the greatest economic power ever conceived, the USA, would fail in just a decade if it didn't change its course of action. In the book, he told how, why, and when. No one listened and now it's coming true.

How did he know this would happen? Because he had written about it before. Thirty three years ago he wrote a book entitled Brainwashed...Are You?. This amazing and inspiring book tells so much that is not understood. However, the world wasn't ready for the truth then (nor was it ready in 1998), so it went unpublished for 33 years. Now the timing is right and the truth can be revealed. In this book De Rose describes to the world our inevitable dance to destruction, its causes, and what, if anything, we can do about it.

At age five, Richard lost his father who was serving in the Korean War. He was trapped with over a dozen sailors inside a burning U.S. aircraft carrier that had exploded in Boston Harbor. With third degree burns over 90% of his body, he still kept his wits about him, and with the grace of God, helped lead them to safety. He died the next day, a hero.

Through the remainder of his childhood, Richard always felt like he had a mission in life. And in 1967, as he stood on the sidelines of the Georgia/ Georgia Tech Freshman Annual Shiners' Charity football game he heard something over the loudspeakers that he would never forget. "Strong men run so that weak legs may walk." Standing with crutches and a cast on his left leg and unable to play in the game, this phrase meant something special. He swore that one day he would stand up to help those that could not stand up for themselves.

His way of doing this is to help people see through the darkness. It's also about standing up to the powers to be and challenging their authority and proclaiming that there is a power far greater.

In his first book he tried to warn the world that something had to be done or suffer the economic, social, and political consequences. Now twelve years later he is warning again. It's going to be interesting to see who heeds his advice this time. In truth, this is not fun and games. It's about real life... your life. It is about choices, and you need to know what your options are. Heeding the truth and the message in Brainwashed...Are You? is not optional.

Are you listening now? If not, it could cost you everything you ever had or will have in the future. You need to read this book.

About Richard's First Book


Did you know that one day you may lose your job through no fault of your own!
Don't be caught unprepared.

Today, people are drowning in information but are starving for knowledge.
America and the world are headed into a dilemma that could adversely affect every man, woman, and child. This book clearly spells it out. 

Certainly, you have heard about the efforts to abolish the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Sounds enticing but is it really?

Does Microsoft's and Bill Gates' antitrust battles with the U.S. Government really affect you? Business leaders from computer companies such as Netscape and Sun are claiming that Microsoft operates unfairly. Find out the real truths behind these stories and other important events that may radically change your life.

Richard De Rose combined two and a half decades in business consulting, retail business ownership, and investigative journalism to provide the backdrop for this revealing and shocking look at what might happen to the America we all know.

This was back in 1998. Since then, over a decade has passed, and Richard's warnings have become a reality. America is in a nose dive that seems that it can not pull out of.

And to make matters worse, none of its leaders have a clue as to what is actually happening. Therefore, they have no real long term solutions. By reading this book one can begin to understand what is causing the greatest nation in history (the USA) to start failing in just a few short decades.

Don't be left in the dark! 

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